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Netflix Dark Season 3 Release Date, Plot, Everything You Need To Know

Netflix Dark Season 3

There must be some reason when we see an article or post based on Dark the level of enthusiasm and curiosity it creates is always of another level.

Well, the best news of the day just dropped for all DARK lovers that the 3rd season is going to drop by on Netflix around the summer of 2020.

DARK. A German series streaming on Netflix created by Baran Bo Odar whose first season started streaming in December 2017.

Dark is nothing but one of the best sci-fi thrillers ever made not just only on Netflix but in the entire world.

A plot and a storyline similar to another famous Netflix show Stranger Things, Dark proved it’s worth right in its first season.

The second season was streamed 2 years later in 2019 and the third season is expected to stream in 2020 and the makers have confirmed that this will be the final season for this story of the show.

Dark: Plot And Storyline

Netflix Dark Season 3
Netflix Dark Season 3

The story is set at a German town named Winden famous for the nuclear power plant in 2019.

Strange things start happening, starting with the disappearance of kids from Winden. The story gradually grows and reaches its true phase – Time Travel.

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A cave connecting to the nuclear power plant through a tunnel or a wormhole. As soon as people started finding they mistakenly or willfully either use the cave for their selfish purposes.

Starting with Jonas Kahnwald the story also focuses on a bunch of families residing in Winden who got direct and indirect connections to each other and their attempts to solve each mystery.

Dark: Responses and Why is it so good?

Netflix Dark Season 3
Netflix Dark Season 3

Dark received a huge positive response from the public which reflected in the top ratings of the series on IMDb and other sites.

Unlike usual time travel movies, Dark focused on the core of the script and which was one like never seen before.

Practically a brainpan giving series which is also pretty slow moving but engaging.

From casting to the setting of time and period the makers were really good and they do deserve an appreciation.

Final word

Excitement at its peak already. Since the ending of the 2nd season left a hint towards the existence of an alternative dimension which is undoubtedly going to be the highlight of the 3rd.

This show deserves a rewatch of season 1and 2 as planning to watch season 3 once it starts streaming.