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Netflix Continues to Insult Hindus in a Movie “Chippa” Directed by Safdar Rahman

In recent times, in collaboration with Indian filmmakers and producers, Netflix has given a lot of exciting content to the audience. With such a huge viewer base, Netflix capitalized the audience strength of the platform to promote so many new series. However, there have been debates and controversies sparked after the release of each of these TV shows. Recently released, Chippa has been the target of the audience for quite some time now. Here is the real reason behind it.

Real Reason Behind the Controversy Surrounding Chippa

This new TV series has been wonderfully well receipted by audiences all across the globe. It paints a proper picture of the slum-dwelling Indians and their daily life, dreams and ambitions. All was well till a scene in the series sparked the controversy. In a scene, we can hear the story of a great grandmother who had slapped a ‘Hanuman’ when it had come near him. Secondly, in another scene, we can see a person kicking a child while reciting Hanuman Chalisa to himself. All these scenes have been protested by the Netizens. Active followers and devotees of the Hindu religion have called these scenes to be of gross misconduct.

Criticism from Political Parties

Criticism has flowed in from all corners of the political scenarios. BJP leaders have accused the show if maligning the reputation and devotion if one of the most popular gods in the country. Their objection is that when the frame of reference to ‘Hanuman’ was drawn, they could have used the phrase slapped a monkey. When they used the term Hanuman, it was quite evident that their only intention was to disrespect one of the oldest pillars of religious India.

Other Controversies Surrounding the Topic

Various other Controversies came to light after Sacred Games. It was alleged that the use of profanity against the doctrine of the Hindu religion used in the series was against Hindu culture. Along with that, there were some scenes in Sacred Games 2, which directly insulted and hurt the sentiments and feelings of the Sikh community. Cases were filed against Anurag Kashyap, the brain behind Sacred Games. Along with that BJP, Akali Dal and Shiv Sena leaders also issued open threats. This was intended for those who slammed the basic philosophical ideas of the Hindu religion.

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