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Netflix Account Hack Don’t Be Panic Here Is the Solution for It

Hacking must not be a new term for anyone as it has become an integral part of the Internet. And hacking is the reason why the Bank websites, social networks, government websites are enhancing security systems. Netflix account holder also must be cautious it too. The reason why this is important for you is because you can also become a victim of it.

Recently web security site McAfee warned the world that several Netflix accounts had been hacked along with secret pieces of information like credit card credentials. Netflix has more than 169 million users on the web and its one of the biggest TV and movies streaming platform. This has attracted hacker towards the accounts of Netflix and thus has become a target of hackers. And, if you are a Netflix user then you should be more careful.

What You need to do to check if your account is hacked:

It’s necessary to check whether someone is secretly enjoying your account. Though knowing it may become difficult as multiple users can have access to Netflix at the same time. But you could follow some guidelines to find out who is behind your hacked Netflix account.

  1. For this, you first need to log in to your Netflix account and then go to account option. Then check the viewing activity if recently watched content is of your interest then you are on the safe side. But hacker may have deleted his watch history so to be double sure you may further follow the below steps.
  2. Now further you need to check the device streaming settings and make sure that the locations are those which you know. If you see that your account has been accessed from unknown locations, then your account is at risk that it got hacked. Now to fix it you need to go to setting option and must log out from all devices even from the one which belongs to the hacker.
  3. Now change the password and the username so that no one can access your account again. Make sure that your new password is more powerful and is totally different from the previous one.
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This will ensure that the money that you are spending for Netflix account is used only by you and not by a hacker.