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Need a Pay Rise as Coronavirus Pandemic Left Us With No Money, Demands Strictly Come Dancing’s Professional Team

The dancers at Strictly Come Dancing are in need for a pay raise due to losing their tours. This is all due to the coronavirus pandemic. The extra amount of money which could have been earned due to the tours is now lost. That is why they need that the creators should provide them, a rise in pay. Besides that, the show bookers can easily double the amount of money that they receive from people if compared to what they paid the contestants.

According to some reports, the earning for the dancers is around 50,000 euros. On the other hand, judges on the show, earn around 150,000 to 250,000 euros.

What Caused This to Happen?

According to some sources, the dancers from the show are feeling that due to the ongoing pandemic, their tours have been cancelled. Them getting cancelled, has created struggles for the dancers. The pros felt that if we compare the amount they get paid for the work they do, it will be really unfair. They work very hard.

What Do They Want?

The dancers from Strictly Come Dancing think that if they get together to raise a voice, it could work. If it is successful then the showrunners might consider them to be a important part of the show.

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What is BBC’s opinion?

Strictly Come Dancing is great show. Here is something you should know, the dancers are very restricted. The reason for it is that BBC limits them on job offers and other outside business deals. Regarding this situation, BBC has not really said anything.

The bosses on the show actually offering Maya Jama a job. They are going to give her a large sum of money to become a part of the show. Someone said that Maya is popular, talented, beautiful and that are some of the reasons for this decision. In order to get her to join the show, they had to offer her a large amount.

BBC has been asked to comment on this by many publications. However, there were some reports which stated the showrunners are actually offering celebs, doubled income. They want to do this in order to keep these celebs and just continue the series.

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