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Nba young boy arrested for stabbing floyd Mayweather daughter

On Saturday Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Lyanna is arrested was arrested under the charge of stabbing NBA young boy baby mama. Lyanna and Baby mama got into a massive fight at Houston home of rappers there this incident took place.

Baby mama was stabbed by Lyanna by a deadly weapon on Saturday morning. Lapattra Lashai Jacobs was the name of murdered rapper’s fiancé. According to the police source, Floyd’s daughter got arrested at midnight on Saturday after the incident took place. About this incident it was reported to police was that she is the Jacobs the young boy’s fiance.
According to Jacobs her fiancé and Lyanna got indulged in massive fight then Lyanna asked his fiancé to leave the house then two got into serious argument. Because of panic created Lyanna went into the kitchen and took sharp knife and stabbed his fiancé twice. Which was a very brutal scenario, immediately Jacobs was sent to the local hospital and currently, his condition is crucial.


Lyanna is the daughter of the forty-three-year-old boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Police arrested young boy real name Desean Gaulden and Lyanna. However, Lyanna is out on a $30,000 bond and will appear in the court. A clip posted on Instagram live video the Lyanna is seen in the background with the young boy last night in the rapper’s house.
The nineteen-year-old Lyanna was arrested for aggressive assault with weapon after mother of rapper NBA young boy’s child got into argument with her. And then Lyanna stabbed his fiancé Jacobs.
It was seemed that Jacob didn’t felt in the initial stab but in second stab she restlessly has fallen on the floor. NBA young boy whose real name is Desean Gaulden is presently is under arrest.
Reports claims that Lyanna said to cops that’ Jacobs pulled her hair and was forcibly throwing her out of the home. This incited her to run inside the kitchen and get a knife and all of sudden she stabbed her without any second thought.

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