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Naya Rivera Net Worth Was Around 5 Million Dollars in 2020

This Pandemic has led to the passing away of many talents that could have further blossomed in the world of Hollywood. Notable among them have been an actress and model Naya Rivera. She was mere 32 years old when she passed away on July 8, 2020. She had received critical and commercial acclaim for her appearance in comic Television series Glee in 2009.

Early Life

Rivera was born on 12th January 1987 in Valencia, California. She was only nine months old when her mother moved with her to Los Angeles. She was pushed into the world of glamour and showbiz at a very tender age. Her first appearance on screen was in the comedy Television series The Royal Family. It aired on television from 1991 to 1992. It was produced by Eddie Murphy. It however got canceled in 1992 after the death of one of its directors. However, Naya continued her modeling assignment and also appeared in some lesser-known Broadway roles in the theatre.

Professional Career

Naya has appeared in a series of well-known Television shows like Smart Guy, Baywatch and CSI Miami. However, she landed her most significant role in 2009. She starred as the cheerleader Santana Lopez in the hit comedy television series Glee. She appeared on six seasons of the show. A leading character on the majority of those seasons, she earned a lot of accolades for the show and won various nominations and awards for her appearance. She was also hosting a show when she first signed up with the Colombian records for the release of her first music album. Practicing modeling from a very young age, she took up many modeling assignments as well during that particular tenure. At such a young age, she had become sort of a household name and was doing really well for herself as well. After appearing on Glee her life had completely changed and she began to be recognized more in the media circle as well.

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Net Worth

Upon her death on July 8, 2020, she was the owner of around $5 million. That was the value of the property and estate she owned in her name at the time of her death.