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National Burger Day 2020 Deals and Offers in Los Angeles

Thursday May 28 was celebrated as the National Burgers Day. We all know how fond the Americans are of burgers. This practice of stuffing meat inside two patties was started by them. Since then it has become a global sensation with millions loving this all across the world.

On such an occasion there are many new deals and offers available on all locations where burgers are available. You can access these offers and deals either by physical take home or through online delivery of food. Information regarding the same has been provided to help you get an idea about this.

Free Food on National Burger Day

In some joints and outlets free food is provided to the customers. Here are some of the places which offer this service-

  • Steak and Shake- With every order that you make here you will get a free order of fries. There is no limit on the minimum amount of order. You just have to walk through the drive thru and collect your order.
  • Wendy’s- If you make any purchase through the official app of the Wendy’s you might be lucky. Then you will get either a Spicy Chicken Sandwich or a Breakfast Baconator absolutely free along with your purchase.
  • Carl’s Jr- You will have to install the app for this outlet. Once you do that and order for the first time, you will get free French fries. Not only that, you will also get any beverage free with Western Bacon Cheeseburger.
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Food Deals available on National Burger Day

Not only is there free food, but several discounts are available on the purchase of this food. Here are some examples provided for your convenience-

  • Smash burger- When you try the Bacon Brisket Burger at the restaurant, you will also get a second one free. But for that you will only have to pay a dollar.
  • Wayback Burgers- Here the prices of the classic Burger has been rolled back to $5.28 only. This is done for the occasion of National Burger Day.
  • Jack in the Box- Once you install the app, you will get 20% off on all orders. Provided you make the purchase online through the app.

Other Food deals available

  • Penn Station East Coast Subs- When you order a sub here, you will get another one free. Provided you apply the promo code PSBOGO while ordering the food.
  • Mrs. Fields- A 15% off on all food orders are available after applying the promo code FATHER on Father’s Day.