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NASA Detects an Asteroid Passing Close to the Earth’s Surface

Our Earth surface is vividly the most diverse planet in the solar system. Apart from the fact that it is the only celestial body which claims to have life on it and is habitable, several unusual and extraordinary instances were responsible behind the formation of the earth. The Big Bang Theory as we call it was the basic force which led to the creation of the shift in the tectonic plates and ultimately the formation of the earth surface took place. After that about 65 million years ago from now, a massive celestial body in the form of a comet struck the Earth surface and was responsible for wiping out the entire population of living beings that were residing on earth at that point of time. Then came the human beings or the Homo sapiens so to say and there are several detailed theories on how human beings went on to evolve.

An asteroid about to pass close to the Earth

Asteroids and Comets are large celestial bodies made up of earthly materials and rocks which break off from other planets and drift in the solar system due to the lack of gravitational pull. They pass through each and every planet before they shrink and reduce to the size of an atom. At times the Asteroids are so huge that they are capable of eliminating an entire planet. One such asteroid is seeking to pass close to the surface of the earth. The date for the passing of the Asteroid has been fixed on September 6, 2020.

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Dimensions of the Asteroid

NASA, the body which is a charge of satellite imaging and detection of such celestial bodies has verified that this asteroid will be as large as twice the size of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt which is the largest pyramid on Earth. Its dimensions are about 120 m to 270 m wide and 394ft to 886ft tall. The Asteroid has been named 465824 (2010 FR). This celestial rock is estimated to be one of the biggest that has ever passed close to the surface of the earth.

Will it affect the Earth surface?

The satellite agencies have notified that whenever a celestial body is around 1.3 million cosmic units away from the Earth surface, it will not impact the surface of the Earth. Thus the asteroid which will be passing close to the Earth surface does not fall under the radius. Thus it will not impact the earth surface at all. It is also expected to disintegrate once it crosses the earth’s boundaries.