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NASA and SpaceX Still Aiming for Astronaut L aunch in Mid-May

NASA and SpaceX are hoping for the coronavirus pandemic to go away soon as they’re still aiming their launch no later than mid-late May.

NASA posted a media greeting on Wednesday revealing that the Crew Dragon Demo-2 test will send space explorers Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station and they’re focusing on keeping the date not far away from the actual launch date (May 7). But there’s always a chance that it may be moved to June because of the pandemic going on in the entire world.

The historic flight will launch humans from the US soil for the first time after the space shuttle mission of July, 2011.

SpaceX has been putting Crew Dragon through some tests for a long time now, making sure its engine, launch escape system and capsule are perfect and ready to go for the exploration. The spacecraft is expected to fly on top of a Falcon 9 rocket from the 39A Launch Complex of the Kennedy Space Center situated in Florida.

NASA also recently moved to Stage 3 state of the contingency operation, which basically implies that all the workers are on telephonic work until there is a mandatory requirement for physical presence.

In the invitation issued to media on the 19th of March, NASA said that it is “proactively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation as it evolves” and will surely “communicate any updates that may impact mission planing or media access, as they become available.” The agency is also taking all the required extra precautions to protect the people to be launched and all the isolation procedures are already in place. This would ensure that the flyers do not get sick in time for the shuttle to launch.

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