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Narcos Mexico Season 3: Does We Have Release Date! Here Are Some Updates

Crime Dramas are a very interesting genre, tapped in by Netflix almost regularly. Popular shows like Brooklyn 99, Gerald’s Game and 13 Reasons Why prophesize death poetically.

Narcos has always been a major success among the fans. From its jaw-dropping real life storyline to the twists in the plots, it has fascinated us.

Season 3 of Narcos Mexico is off the cuff and is about to release next year.

Plots and Story Leaks of Narcos Mexico Season 3

Narcos follows the real-life story of Mexican Drug Lord, Diego Luna.

He forms a drug cartel through diplomatic relationships. After he achieves power, he becomes invincible. Luna goes on a killing spree encountering all his enemies with extreme brutality.

Extending his empire across the globe becomes his primary objective.

DEA special forces officer Walt Breslin and Michael Pena are sent to investigate his operations.

They clash with Luna on a regular basis, leading to violent consequences. Once when Luna is at his most vulnerable, Michael decides to catch him and is killed in an encounter.

The second season will basically focus on how Walt gathers his police force to counter Luna and avenge his friend’s death.

It has a classic flavor of revenge to it.

Release Date of Narcos Mexico Season 3

2 Seasons of Narcos Mexico released on two separate years,2019 and 2020.

Thus the fans have gauged that the third one will release around 2021. No decision has yet been taken about the date of the release.

It majorly depends on the completion of the post-production activities.

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