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Nailed It Season 4 Trailer Is Out Now On Official Netflix Youtube Channel

As we all know, cooking shows are very famous among the audiences.

Trailer is here


‘Nailed it’ is an American web series.It is a reality tv show,in which three contestants who are amateur bakers compete against each other in front of a panel of judges to copy the cakes that are not easy to make.The contestant who wins takes a prize money of $10,000 to their home.

The main criteria of the show is, it does not focus on perfection but it focuses more on imperfection.

We have 32 episodes with 3 seasons of ‘Nailed it’with us.Run up time for each episode is 35 minutes.It premiers on Netflix.

Wait for the trailer is finally  of over…!!.

Fans of Nailed  it ,a reality show …get ready to watch the trailer of season 4 .It’s been released a few hours before on youtube.

Releasing date of respective seasons of ‘Nailed it’

First season came on March 9, 2018

Second season came came on June 29, 2018

Third season came on May 17, 2019

Since the last three seasons of the show was quite a hit shows ,therefore we are sure that there will be a fourth season of the show.Since it’s trailer was released on 19 March,2020  so there is nothing wrong if we expect the nailed it season 4 release date in between April and May ,2020.

Permanent  Casts

  • Nicole Byer, Host
  • Jacques Torres, Host
  • Weston Bahr, Associate Director
  • Charity George, Food Stylist

Plot of ‘Nailed It’ season 4

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In this show bakers who are not very professionals comes to this reality show and try to copy some unpredicted cake in its appearance as well as in taste…As no one is perfectionist ,many of them fails and the one who reach close to the cake to be copied wins and takes the prize money with him/her.

And Nailed it,a reality tv  show has made a very special place among its audience and now the show knows very well how to Nailed it ‘.

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