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Mystic Pop up Bar Episode 13 Preview and Release Date

Mystic Pop Up Bar is a South Korean Television series which released on May 20, 2020. The show completed its run on June 25, 2020, on Netflix. The show is created by JTBC and is based on Twin Tops Bar by Bae Hye-soo. Kim Bo-Kyung is the producer of the show. It features 12 episodes each having an average runtime of 70 minutes.

The cast of Mystic Pop Up Bar

  • Hwang Jung-eum (Wol-joo)
  • Park Si-eun(young Wol-joo)
  • Yook Sung-jae (Han Kang-bae)
  • Choi Won-young (Chief Gwi / Crown Prince Yi-hon)
  • Song Geon-hee (young Crown Prince Yi-Hon)
  • Yeom Hye-ran (God of the Underworld, Yeomradaewang)
  • Lee Jun-hyeok (Department Chief Yeom / Lord Kim Jin / Won Yeong)
  • Baek Do-gyum (Department Chief Yeom’s Assistant)
  • Na In Woo (Kim Won Yeong)
  • Oh Young-Sil (Samsin)
  • Jung Da-eun (Kang Yeo-rin)
  • Ahn Tae-hwan (Choi Jin-dong)
  • Park Ha-na (Song Mi-ran)
  • Park Joo-hyung (Assistant Manager Park)

The Plot of the Show

The series is focused primarily on a mysterious pop – Up Bar called Pojangmacha and on the ensuing mystery. Pojangmacha has the same mystery and antiquity of three characters. Wol Joo was a woman named, Han Kang Bae, a part-time worker, and Chief Giwi, a former detective. As the exhibition progresses, we see how the ghost Chief Giwi helps Pojangmacha customers. By meeting them and helping them overcome their problems. With the support of Wol Joo and Han Kang Bae.

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Episode 13 Details

The show concluded with 12 episodes on Netflix for its first season. So it is highly unlikely that another episode will get a release for the Korean Series. It would be foolish for us to expect another episode when the series has already wrapped up for the first season. However, if the show gets a renewal for a second season then we might a new episode which could be the 13the episode in the franchise. But it’s not going to happen anytime soon as it was just released some time ago as of writing this article. For any new footage, we could probably have to wait for another year as noting is going to happen during this pandemic.

If you still haven’t watched the show go check it out on Netflix the first season is already streaming.