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My Secret Terrius Season 1 Episode 10 Claims It Was Already Predicted the Coronavirus Outbreak

My secret terries season 1 episode ten claims it has already predicted coronavirus outbreak. This Korean series with its uncanny similar storyline which is, in reality, happening in the world is blowing the minds of those who had already watched all episodes of this series.

As the novel coronavirus pandemic is causing several deaths across the globe and world is struggling to come out from the tough time, mean wild a shocking clip is circulated by huge social media users and has left the netizens to frighten.

This clip is from a Korean series ‘My secret Terrius’, two years ago this clip proves to has predicted the coronavirus outbreak. The clip is now viral on the internet, in which a man is seen telling his spouse to stay at home.

Then another scene is of hospital showing a doctor explains to women, about a viral infection pandemic which attacks lungs and other respiratory organs. In this scene, the doctor is saying that this virus belongs to the family of SARS, MERS and common flu And rapidly it is causing a large number of deaths.

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This is exactly happening, in reality, the viral infection coronavirus is causing several infected cases and any death cases every day across the world and its symptoms is like the common cold and is a respiratory disease as same explained by a doctor in the series.

Even in the series, the doctor is seen saying about the incubation for two to fourteen days if someone is suspected or infected COVID-19.  Then the women are seen asking the doctor for any medicines or vaccines for a cure, then the doctor replies that the prevention from this disease is a cure there is no such vaccine or medicine to cure this pandemic.

This series was aired from September to November 2018 on Netflix. It was shot in South Korea and Poland.