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My hero academia season 5 Release Date, Plot and everything we know so far

My hero academia is a Japanese series Its genre is adventure, superhero, and fantasy. This series is very popular among its audience from the first time it was premiered on screen. The first time it came in 2016, and this series has gained a special place in the heart of its audience since everyone is very fond of superheroes and their powers.

Storyline of my hero academia season 5

This series revolves around a boy Izuku “Deku” Midoriya.He was enrolled in a school mainly for superheroes where they are taught about supernatural powers.So the whole story focuses midoriya and his classmates ….that how they grow and adapt more and more powers, and they face dangers in each step of their life as they move ahead in their life.

Release date of My hero academia season 5

Season 4 of the series was an outstanding one and there is a wait of season 5 of the series.As the ending of season 4 has confirmed that there will be definitely season 5 but the official release date has not been confirmed yet.Season 1,2,3 was released in April but season 4 was released in October …so season 5 can be expected in October 2021, but due to current scenario of the pandemic occurring all over the world, season 5 of the show may take time in its release.

What Information do we have regarding the trailer of My hero academia season 5?

Trailer for season 5 has been already delivered after the season 4 finale but the trailer has only glimpses of the ending of season 4 finale. Trailer only confirms that season 5 will be there for the series, there is nothing new information related to season 5 of the series in the trailer.

Spoilers for My hero academia season 5

It’s not sure about endeavor’s tenure to be the new number 1 hero and maybe given his all in order to build his reputation among his family, there may be competitions among different sections of class.season 4 has ended suggesting that how the heroes will evolve their quirks in unexplained ways.

The plot may be that Midoriya will try to connect with some past heroes and he might be able to develop all his powers in the way like no hero has done before. We may see a large group of villains in the next season and great danger is on the way.

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Gentle Criminal may be seen in season 5, and La Brava, albeit may return as heroes rather than villains in this new season.

There are chances that season 5 may be the end of the series.

Stay tuned for more updates