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Muslims Licking Untensils Is Totally Fake Don’t Believe in False News

As the coronavirus is spreading like fire among the population of different countries, there are other things also which are spreading faster than coronavirus and is not less dangerous than the virus are false news and false videoes spreading on social media. One of these videoes is spreading which is spreading a false message that Muslims are trying to spread coronavirus infection.

Whats does the video shows?

The video shows some Muslim men licking utensils and cutlery which is being spread on social media claiming that the boys are doing so to spread the coronavirus. The video was posted on the Facebook page of The Indian Liberal with a caption that says now coronavirus is being spread intentionally. Another post read as 14 china Muslims have been caught by Bihar police and here is the video of them applying saliva on the spoons, utensils, and plates to spread coronavirus and says that our country is in a big problem.

The truth behind the video:

The video in real is dated back to 2018 and is of a gathering of the Bohra Community community. Its the tradition of Bohra Community that not even a single grain of food should be wasted and their children are taught to stop wasting food. Its a video of the people of the same community who are cleaning the plates and utensils after the meal.

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What’s the Conclusion:

The conclusion is that the video is false and the men in the video are licking the plates and the utensils in order that none of the leftover the food is wasted and thus following the tradition of their community.