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Mugshot Tiktok Challenge Is Going Viral as Many Stars Are Making It Trend

Internet is filled with numerous challenges and games that are helping people spend their quarantine time. Tiktok is not behind in this and almost every day some new challenge is trending on Tiktok. People have turned Tiktok as their source of entertainment and more and more users are flooding Tiktok with the videos of challenges. But the new trend is the #MugshotChallenge which has also got into some controversies and backlash.

What is the TikTok mugshot challenge?

Tiktok comes up with new challenges almost every day and these challenges generally involve acting and creativity. In mugshot challenge, people are recording their video by applying smudged eyeliner, messing up their hair and then posed in front of blank, white walls. Some are even using bruises, smeared mascara and bandages to make their look realistic. Some even went a step further and used makeup to portray fake blood to appear bloody which was used in some videoes to show bloody nose. One of the user nehvjones even applied a tattoo in his neck.

How did the challenge start:

The idea for the challenge came up when many users started posting a collection of actual mugshot photos and started a discussion about which photo was most attractive. Soon people started using their makeup skills to look alike the mugshot photo they liked. Soon influencers like Corinna Kopf and James Charles jumped into the challenge with their mugshot video which escalated the challenge.

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What’s the problem with the challenge?

The challenge soon got a lot of criticism as many think it glamorizes imprisonment. Those participating in the challenge were considered insensitive and ignorant as marginalized communities like Black and Latinx are subjected to racial discrimination and police brutality and participating in the challenge was considered as glamorizing the injustice. Its also said that the challenge is glorifying domestic violence and abuse. Social media celebrity James Charles had to delete his mugshot challenge video after he received backlash on social media. He also clarified that he didn’t have the intention to hurt anyone and clarified that the video was as a part of the challenge.