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Much Awaited James Bond: No Time to Die Confirms Who Will Be Starring in the 25th Bond Film?

“No time to Die”, The latest Janes Bond movie has been rescheduled and the release date has been set to 11 November 2020 in France. So, Fans of 007 here’s what everything you need to know about the latest movie.

Why a Sudden Delay??

The producers of the movie have decided to reschedule the movie due to the catastrophe which the world is currently facing. So, there you have it one more upset this year.

The movie is going to witness Daniel Craig as James Bond. The movie is going to be released on 12 November in the UK and on 25 November in the US.

The producers are pretty worried about the fact that the disease can be spread like fire as the severity of the condition of the whole world is pretty bad.

As there was a world premiere which was planned to be on March 31 in Albert Hall, London but that was cancelled just because of that.

Even though In the UK, mass gatherings are not quite banned whereas in France more than 5000 people can’t be gathered and in Switzerland not more than 1000 are allowed to group together. The whole thing has created a big commotion over the whole thing.

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The other thing is that the overall business would become pretty much will be at a turmoil which means a total upset. So, with that being said maybe that’s one of the many reasons why they decided to put the movie and released it in November.

So, What Else Is Closed in UK

With the movie, A lot of things and events which were supposed to be happening have been shut down like the ” London Book Fair”, Award shows like MIPTV which makes sure to celebrate the TV series industry and then also there was supposed to be red carpet gala by Disney+ in the UK which has been also cancelled.

So, Until That Day of Relief Comes People Need to Stay Home.