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MTV Vj Kurt Loder Age as He Celebrated His 75 Birthday

Recently, former MTV journalist turned 75 years old. Kurt Loder, who has been adored by fans from all over the world, was quite popular back in the 80s and the 90s. After he turned 75, fans have started to reminisce about those days where they used to watch him. Back then, MTV used to showcase more music related stuff. People would see his face on the network all the time. Now that Kurt turned 75, fans are thinking about how old has he gotten as compared to those years.

Kurt Trending on Twitter

Ever since the day of his birthday, the name of the popular MTV personality has been trending on twitter. People are constantly talking about hi, However, some fans are thinking about him and also thinking about the fact that they too, have gotten older. The other half of the fans are celebrating about the fact that Loder made a lot of people happy back in the days.

About Kurt Loder

In 1987, Kurt was working as a correspondent. He did this job at MTV. He was working on The Week in Rock. However, after some time, the name of the show changed to MTV News. Now, fans remember how the intro went. That was because it was pretty unique. This job allowed Kurt to be become very popular during those years and he did become a star. People loved him because he was one of the first people to announce news.

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He announced many big news to the people before other. For instance, he was actually the one to tell the viewers about Kurt Cobain. He told the viewers about the Nirvana frontman’s death. Besides this, he actually gave this news by doing in between other scheduled programs. That is why fans really love him.

What Is Kurt Loder Doing These Days?

During these days, he is the host of True Stories. It is a music talk show which is shown on SiriusXM. For the people, who are missing those days when he still worked on MTV, keep remembering those days. Most people will continue to think of Kurt as the man who was part of the daily life. However, it is certain that fans will continue to give him love for turning 75. You can have a look yourself on the comments that people posted on his birthday.

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