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Mr. Robot Season 5 Cancelled or Confirmed? Everything You Need to Know

Mr. Robot is a series full of drama and thrill ,it is the series which will thrill you from inside .We have a total of 4 seasons of Mr. Robot till now .First time it was released on USA network.

Creator– Sam Esmail 

The lead role played by Rami Malek is the main reason behind the popularity of the show. His acting in the series was amazing that the show got popular among the audience so early.

What Do We Know About MR. Robot?

The first episode was aired on 24 June ,2015 and the last episode of the fourth season was released on 22 december,2019.

These are the details about the number of episodes in each season

Season 1-(10 episodes)

 Season 2-(12 episodes)

Season 3-(10 episodes)

Season 4-(13 episodes)

The Show Has Got Good Ratings on Different Sites.

Storyline of Mr. Robot

In this series Elliot Alderson has been working for a company named as allsafe as a cybersecurity engineer ,he was involved in drugs and toxics .Soon he got recruited by an insurgent Mr.Robot in one of the secret mission .

Will Mr. Robot Be Back With Its 5th Season?

As season 5 is cancelled by the creator of the show so there is no release date for it .All the seasons of Mr robot are available online to be watched anytime.So enjoy one of the most popular series Mr. Robot.

Reason Behind the Cancellation of the Show –

According to the creator of the show,he was finding the good ending for the show from the beginning of the show and he got that blockbuster ending in the end of season 4 ….so bad news for fans is that they are not going to have any Mr. Robot season 5 .Since creator is busy with some other projects so he has ended Mr. Robot series at season 4 .Now we can wait only for his new series to come.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

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