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Mr Robot Alters the Plan: Here Is Mr. Robot Season 5 Release Date Renewal Details and Latest Updates

Mr. Robot was one of the best running series. People loved it from the start and the show had a lot of depth to it. It was developed by Sam Esmail and critics loved it as much as the fans. After four seasons of this show, we have some news regarding season 5.

Mr. Robot is no more

It is pretty sad that the show has officially been cancelled. Rami Malek’s acting was one of the best I have seen for a long time. Besides that, many people watched the show for his character. The show and the character brought fame to the actors. It was like Malek was the perfect choice for the cast.

A little about the show

Mr. Robot is about a young hacker who is also part of an organisation where he works as a cybersec engineer. His name is Elliot. However, everything begins to change after he becomes part of Fsociety. The man who recruits him is known as Mr. Robot.

The first season started back in 2015 and it did really well among the audience. The story was deep, characters were awesome and the thrill was just too good. However, Sam Esmail announced that there will be no season five.

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What was the reason?

Sam was trying to find the perfect ending to satisfy everyone. However, he did find it with season four. After he was asked regarding the fifth season, he said he found the ending in season four. According to him, it was just as he wanted. Besides that, he was trying to find the ending from the beginning of the show. Besides that, Rami Malek also announced that there will be no season five. Also, Rami confirmed this on his social media to address the fans.

There may be one more, small reason. There were many different projects on which he was working. That means, focus will get diverted. We know that fans are disappointed, however, fans did get a good ending with season 4. The cast and the production team had their fun and it is better to end the show on good terms instead of making it very long and decreasing the show’s quality.

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