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Mr. Iglesias Season 2: Is there any chance of second season? Details updated

Fan of gabriel comedy? then must watch Mr. Iglesias.

Director-Kevin Hench

About Mr. Iglesias-

Mr. Iglesias is  discovered by Kevin Hench and came on netflix for the first time  on 21 June 2019,the main character of the show is Gabriel Iglesias-the famous comedian ,he is also the producer of the show ,and adds some comedy in the show while delivering his dialogues on his own.Mr lglesias is based on Wilson High School,california .

Mr lglesias is a very kind hearted man.His personality and attitude towards comedy can amaze anyone .He is a popular comedian ,and he is also known as fluffy when he is on stage due to some of the comedy shows.

Mr. Iglesias Season 2 Release Date


Good news for fans of Mr lglesias,it is going to be renewed for its second season ,the news for its renewal came on 8 August 2019 on Netflix and it is going to have 12 episodes.

No confirmed date is out for the second season ,but it is expected to come in mid of 2020.


The main casts of the show includes- Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Sherri Shepherd ,Jacob Vargas , Maggie Geha, Richard Gant , Cree Cicchino, Fabrizio Guido , Tucker Albrizzi .some other cast may include- Coy Stewart, Kathryn Feeney, Richard Gant, and Oscar Nuñez.

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The series all revolves around the professor Gabriel Iglesias who comes to alma mater for teaching and the group of students,who were always ready to irritate him,and didn’t want to work hard. He was about to teach such group of students who were not so brilliant students but had inbuilt capacity in them if they all are together,but they all were not interested in his teaching.He made every single effort to encourage them and rise them up so they can perform well.He wanted all to realise their potential.

He has a jolly kind of nature which perfectly suits his character,attracting more audience towards the show.

According to many sources, Gabriel had signed a contract with Netflix for a 3 part series,so it is highly probable that Mr lglesias will be renewed for its second season.

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