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Movie Tenet: Release Date, Cast, Plot; When Will It Hit the Theatre? Is Nolan to Present to Show His Magic?

People are talking about a lot of movies, all the time. However, during these days, tv shows and movies are some of the few sources of entertainment. Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ seems to be on everyone’s minds. Besides that, Warner Bros. have announced that the movie has a release date now. Okay, now, the movie is supposed to release in July 2020, as announced by Warner Bros.

Delays in ‘Tenet’

According to many sources, the movie was supposed to release some time ago. The original release date was some time before the movie itself, was announced. However, as everything is getting affected due to the ongoing pandemic, this movie is also one of them.

Will the Movie Be Affected Again?

Just like this movie, Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick, also had to be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Warner Bros. have said that they will make more changes in the release date now. This means that the movie will release in July 2020 as planned.

We can really see this pandemic throwing everything off balance. The movie industry is also suffering from huge losses due to this. So many big budget films have been delayed because of it. Besides that, some movies will come straight on DVD and Blu-Ray rather than cinemas. We will know whether Tenet will be affected by this again in the coming future.

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About the Movie

According to some rumours, the movie has been kept secret. The movie is supposed to be such a big secret that Robert Pattinson had to take a lot of precautions. The condition was that, to read the script, he had to do so in a locked room. Another special thing about the movie is that the cast is really talented. This includes Dimple Kapadia, Denzel Smith, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and some more talented actors.

Some reports suggest that the movie had also been filmed in Mumbai, India, for some scenes. The areas where filming happened are some of the popular hotspots. For instance, Café Mondegar Colaba Causeway, Gateway of India, The Taj Hotel, Royal Bombay Yacht Club and other popular locations in Mumbai.

Hans Zimmer is also involved in the movie. Christopher Nolan and him are working together to create special music for the movie. Hans Zimmer was also the one behind the music in Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean and other popular fan favorites.