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Mount Fuji Eruption May paralyse tokyo japanese government revealed the results of simulation

The Japanese government released the simulation data regarding the danger that could be caused if Mount Fuji erupted. It was a project which was undertaken by the Central Disaster Management Council which worked on the result regarding the eruption of 92 different vent locations on Mount Fuji.

What’s the Danger:

There is the danger that lava could reach the outer parts of Tokyo but the main danger is that the 17.3 billion cubic feet of volcanic ash could fall in Tokyo and the neighboring city. According to the report, the amount of debris produced will be about 10 times from that which was produced during the time of earthquake and tsunami that affected Tokyo city in 2011.

Its effect on the life of people:

The city has to be closed for 24 hours the road would not be fit for vehicles as there will not be an appropriate amount of friction present. The ash would make the track of the trains unsafe to operate and the same will be with flights for which 0.08 inches of volcanic ash would make the runway unsafe for aircraft. Thus all type of transport would stop. The mobile tower would be affected and also there could be a power cut due to ashes. The major threat is to people’s health who could face respiratory damage, especially those with existing conditions like asthma would be most affected. The wooden house will also be affected by the accumulation of volcanic ash.

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What are the preparations:

It is estimated that it would take three days by a crew of 1,000 bulldozers to clear the city to make it operational again. The council has said that the simulation result would be a great help for the local government to fight against the problem.