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Mortel Season 2 Release Date and Expected Plot Details

The French supernatural series which released on November 21, 2019, was a moderate success for Netflix. The fantasy horror sci-fi drama had an intriguing plot that revolves around three teenagers, who somehow got the supernatural powers, which they would use to solve a murder case. 

If you’ve watched the first season then you must be asking for more answers. Let’s get into more any further updates regarding the Frech Show. 

Will There Be a Season 2 of Mortel?

The second season of the french series is sadly not happening. The show got canceled in January due to the lack of viewership among the users. The episodes are sadly not that binge watchable at all. Unlike the good shows which put you in a cliffhanger, this fails to do that, the reason why it was not hyped that much after all.

It’s no hidden fact that if you fail to grab more viewers then Netflix will surely bid adieu. So that’s a piece of awful news for all the viewers who were awaiting the second season. 

This is among the list of many other shows which fail to secure a renewal of another season from Netflix. There’s a long list consisting of AJ and The Queen, Spinning Out, Soundtrack, Marianne, Insatiable, and Osmosis.

What Is the Plot?

Created by Frederic Garcia the series has an interesting and gripping storyline for the SciFi fans. It features three high school teens, Sofiane, Victor, and Luisa. Curious to solve the mystery of Sofiane’s brother’s death they sought after voodoo powers from a creature named Obe.

Sofiane gets the power to control other people’s actions and Victor can easily read other people’s minds. They both team up with Luisa who is a voodoo practitioner just like her grandmother. Threatened by the evil force they set out to defeat it and make it vanish. 

Sadly, the story won’t continue further now that it has been called off.

Who are the cast members?

The cast includes many well capable young leads. Here is the list consisting of the major actors:

  • Carl Malapa (Sofiane)
  • Nemo Schiffman (Victor)
  • Manon Bresch (Luisa)
  • Corentin Fila (Obé)
  • Sami Outabali (Reda)Sofiane
  • Firmine Richard (Elizabeth)
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