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Moon Knight Season 1 Plot and Expected Cast and Release Date Updates

Expected look of Marc from Moon Knight Season 1

Moon Knight was announced a year ago and it looks very interesting. Out of the many upcoming Marvel TV shows on Disney+, Moon Knight season 1 is creating excitement. In 1975, Doug Moench created Werewolf by Night. This was the comic book where Moon Knight appeared. Since people are trending the show everywhere, you have to catch up on all the news about it.

Moon Knight season 1 release date

The production is set to begin in November 2020. However, it is possible that the show’s production will not continue this year. Also, with the production not starting, the release date will also shift by at least 4-8 months. Nonetheless, Marvel is not going to take risks. They will release the show somewhere in either 2022 or at the end of 2021.

Also, the trailer will also release next year. It will be out after the production is done and Marvel is ready to announce a release date.

Plot for Moon Knight season 1

Khonshu, known as the Moon God in the MCU, saves Marc Spector. If you think that is cool then know this, Marc is ex-CIA. He is the protagonist of the show. After being saved by Khonshu, he will become a superhero.

Marvel is going to provide details on the show as the release gets close. When the trailer comes out, we will know more about it. We can expect to see Marc struggling and later, embracing his powers. Also, we will explore the origins of the superhero.

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Cast of Moon Knight season 1

Firstly, let’s get the speculations out of the way. According to some people, Keanu Reeves or Daniel Radcliff are going to be Marc Spector. Besides them, there is also some news that Ross Marquand will be playing Marc Spector. Some theories suggest that Kate Valdez will play Wave. Besides her, David Morrissey, Giancarlo Esposito, and Philip Brooks are going to be part of the cast.

Marvel will announce the cast in the coming months. So far, they have been quiet of the cast members or the story. There could be changes even if the cast is confirmed and maybe some theories will be true.

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