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Montana reporter’s short video goes viral after a close call with bison!

What will you do if you witness a herd of Bison coming towards you? 


Right! That’s what he did! The reporter of NBC Montana was seen fleeing off seeing a herd of bison. Dieson Broxton was trying to shoot a video in front of the Yellowstone National Park. He saw a herd of bison coming towards him and instantly packed his equipment and bailed out by saying,” Oh no, I ain’t messing with you!’’ 


Such a smart man! He then posted that short video on twitter and it got viral real soon. He then posted the video of a herd of bison he shot after he got himself in the safe space. 


The reporter got viral just after he posted those videos and became a trending material for members all over the globe. People are retweeting his videos with funny captions. 


Have a look at the videos posted by Dieson Broston here.


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