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Money Heist Season 5 Character, Release Date, Plot and Upcoming News

Money Heist season 5 is coming, folks. Netflix is not going to miss out on the chance of having even more viewers. The fourth season released in the first week of April. It broke several records. The fact that it was quarantine and people were at their homes made it even more perfect. Fans want another season as soon as possible since the fourth season was left at such a crucial moment.

Release Date for Money Heist season 5

Netflix has actually not renewed the show for its fifth season. However, fans do not need to worry about its release. We all know that the show has been doing really great with the fans. Netflix is not going to cancel the show.

They are waiting on the fact that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is causing many problems. As soon as the offices open, Netflix will certainly give the fans, some great news.

Cast details for Money Heist season 5

Those are dead never really die. People were shocked after the tragic demise of Nairobi. However, we will certainly get to see many main characters return. For example, álvaro Morte will be playing the role of The Professor, Itziar Ituño will be back to play Lisbon, and Miguel Herrán will return to play Rio.

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Besides them, úrsula Corberó will be back to play Tokyo, Jaime Lorento will be playing Denver, and Daroko Peric will play Helsinki. Also, Esther Acebo and Enrique Arce will play the roles of Stockholm and Arturo, respectively.

Plot for Money Heist season 5

After the end of season four, fans are going to their social media with a multitude of theories. There are many theories regarding the group’s escape from the bank. For instance, some users suggested that the gang will exit through the front gate. They will do this by disguising themselves and becoming one with the crowd.

Also, a gun was pulled at The Professor during the end of the fourth season. We will find out whether he get the shooter to be with him or not. There are also theories which suggest that Berlin is very much alive and well. Fans say he did not die.

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