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Money Heist Season 4 Review: did professor return ? and lots more

The new season of Money Heist season 4 is now available on Netflix. This season is the follow up of earlier seasons. The show maker has kept the best ending that has action-oriented scenes. The new season storyline is on the surprising path, it is more than expected. The viewers will enjoy the surprising twist and turn throughout the season.

The story revolves around the trill that the professor and his gang have planned to rob the bank of Spain to loot at the gold reserve. The daring heist is seen to be in the middle of strategy because of this the things go well according to plan. The professor is the leader of the gang but sometimes he is seen moving slowly when his girlfriend and former cop Raquel were caught.

The whole storyline seems to be complex to understand but in reality, this season is very simple. Money Heist has simple with characters getting into trajectories on their own. In earlier seasons the two female protagonists as Tokyo and Nairobi have turned the niche. They are like fillers to fill the void that remains vacant when there is no character such as a professor.

The male characters like Denver, Rio and others are predictable; they are contrastable with the texture of the show. The specialty of this Spain show is the Maker Alex Pina is following the storyline as he is the well known finest showrunner and show maker in the business of film making right now.

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The rating of this show has gone beyond expectations and gaining the popularity more than any other show. The show is full of thrills and it reflects the world developing with the rapid making of money which is the need for life but still society movies around the traditional poles of socialism and capitalism.

The new season revolves around the professor and his robber team, together they kill people but they do this to satisfy needs. To get the experience of thrill to watch the show, the viewer must watch all earlier seasons to understand season4.