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Money Heist Season 4: Review and Some Things We Have Looked So Far

All over the world, Money Heist is trending a lot. People have started and finished watching the show really quickly. Money Heist season 4 clearly created a lot of buzz. The show is available on Netflix.

The show is packed with action, mystery, drama and romance. It checks all the category for most people.

A lot happened previously. To give you quick look, the masked robbers faced a very difficult situation where there seemed to be no way out. Inspector Raquel Murillo was assumed to be killed. As retaliation, missiles have been launched at the middle of the city. Viewers were tightly gripped at during the season and wanted more after it ended.

Money Heist Season 4: Gripping Flashbacks and Backstory

During the third season, Martin showed a lot of bad leadership tendencies. He seemed to be very controlling. In Money Heist season 4, he becomes a lot more frightening and unstable which makes the gang question him even more. He did so to channel his inner demons. Palermo believes in his plan and is not too much loyal to The Professor.

Irrational decisions made by Tokyo and Palermo more difficult to see. Anyone in his/her proper mind, would assume that a hostage situation requires one to be calm and collected. The unique thing about this series is that it shows the power of human emotions. The people who rescued Rio from being tortured even more are more sympathetic towards him. Especially, Denver is concerned for Rio. Lorento’s ideas seem a lot more predictable and Denver was expected to be more matured. Stockholm has some bright plan and Esther is with Stockholm on it.

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Money Heist Season 4: Not Every Perfect Plan Is Successful

Tokyo has shown a lot of development in her overall character. She is volatile but tries to do her best for everyone in the gang. She is witty too. The Professor, is looking worse if compared to the previous seasons. Though, it feels pretty satisfying to see him grieve for Raquel. That shows his human side.

But he has also made some dumb decisions. When he hurt himself in order to look like drunk fool so that he can escape the police. Subsequently, Marseille is really good at being a sidekick. He is not afraid to fight even for against his boss for his own good.

Money Heist season 4 is action packed and face-paced. There are surprises for everyone in every episode. The soundtrack is certainly awesome. Sometimes you might feel frustrated and angry. You might even get annoyed at times. This season has lots to offer. It gives you a lot of intense moments coupled with emotional ones. There is lots to see during this season.

You will pray that the characters make the right decisions. Season 5 has not been confirmed by Netflix yet but we might just get it. The show is getting more popular every day.

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