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Mohave County: 1st Positive Coronavirus Case Found

The Public Health officials of Mohave County on Tuesday late night has confirmed the first case of Coronavirus. The country’s Department of Public Health has brief about the patient found with COVID positive in Like Havasu City has not been hospitalized but is kept in the home for self- isolation which is a type of quarantine with all the medical facilities provided to the patient for treatment for recovery in the home.

However, patient age and gender have not been detailed. According to Denise Burley, the Director of MCDPH has said “with new cases increasing daily around the country and throughout Arizona, it is not surprising to see our first case here in Mohave county’.

The staff of Mohave County will interview the family members, friends, and relatives of the patient to identify the people who came in his contact in the last few weeks and following this those people will be kept in quarantine for fourteen days to check their symptoms. If they are found with COVID 19 positive then they will get proper medical treatment. This may stop the further risks of coronavirus spreading throughout Mohave County,

This is the first case of coronavirus in Mohave County which is the north-western corner of the U.S of Arizona. The country is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic with three hundred and twenty-nine cases in which six reported to be dead. The fear of viral spreading is seemed increasing by the increase in the number of coronavirus patients.

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Even on Tuesday, afternoon the Department of Health Services has reported the first patient death from coronavirus in Pima County, Navajo county, Maricopa County and Coconino County. Death includes the victims of seventy years old man and 50 years old women with underlying health conditions. This has increased the COVID 19 death cases in Arizona state of United States.