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Modern Family Cast Details as the Show Aired Its Last Episode

ABC show wrapped up its 11th season and the show ended up with big hugs. The show came up with two back to back episodes and introduced new Pritchett baby and it ended with all the character had a new beginning to their life. The show ended with a big family and friends celebration and the family had a long hug, in the end, to give the season a happy ending. Group hugs reminded people of The Mary Tyler Moore series finale which had a similar ending to its show.

About Its Cast: Modern Family

Ty Burrell (Phil Dunphy):

Burrell played the role of a cool dad and made people laugh with his Dad joke. He shared a strong bond with his co-cast. In an interview, he said that it would be hard to say goodbye to his castmates. He also expressed his happiness as he could spend more time with his wife and their two young daughters, Frances and Greta.

Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy):

Bowen played the role of micro-managing mom Claire who was compassionate about her loved ones. Though her on-screen family was fake the bond they share is very strong. She was also not sure how would she spend her time after the show. She is the mother of three children and divorced her husband in 2018. She also has directed some of the hit ABC series and she is also a board member of Baby2Baby, a charity that helps children who are in need.

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Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy):

Hyland made her way into the show at the age of 18 and played the role of a rebellious child who more interested in boys as compared to the book and has a habit of screwing up the things. In season 10 she gave birth to twins.

Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy):

Winter signed for the show as a middle child Alex at age 11. Though at the age of 4 she entered the industry with a commercial for which her mom signed her up. She had a relationship at the age of 31 with Levi Meaden but later broke up with him.

Nolan Gould (Luke Dunphy):

He is with the show from the age of 10 years when the show started in 2009. Luke is defined by his high energy level in the show and non-existent filter. Though he was shown as a boy with a low IQ level. He was a part of society Mensa International and graduated high school with a GED at age 13.

Sofia Vergara (Gloria Delgado):

Vergara who is 47 years old is famous for her role of feisty Gloria. In the show, she is filmed as fiercely family-oriented, she is very outspoken and is portrayed as the sexy second wife of Jay and mother of Manny and she made the show hilarious by her presence. She became the highest-paid TV actress in 2017.