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Mirzapur Back on Amazon Prime With Season 2 : Release Date, Plot , Cast in a Single Click

Amazon Prime has over the last few years been the most premium OTT Platform. With a variety of shows on scores of genres, all kinds of music it has truly become a global center stage. People all across the world have vied for subscription with a huge amount of revenue generated. The biggest plus which Amazon has been able to tap into is of course the plethora of Indian talents on offer.

Among the above mentioned list, Mirzapur has definitely been a prime flag bearer. With gory crimes, gruesome violence and a story which sparks revenge, it has become mighty popular. People have been wanting a sequel and they are not to be disappointed. Announcement of a sequel to the show was made the previous week.

Mirzapur Season 2: Storyline

In the previous season we saw how Kaleen Bhaiya conducted his business. We got a glimpse of his power and authority now and then. Munna Bhaiya, his son, is perhaps more rash and even more dangerous. The brutality with which he killed Bablu and Sweety was quite evident. However Guddu is not someone to take this lightly. With the help of Golu, Bablu’s lover, Guddu will definitely crave revenge. And with the kind of contacts Guddu has in the underground world, he will definity dethrone Kaleen and Munna Bhaiya as the Sultan of Mirzapur.

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Beena Tripathi, inseminated forcefully by Kaleen’s father would exact revenge by assisting Guddu. Ratishankar Shetty’s son Sharad will definitely be a big factor to take into consideration as well. In all, this season we just might see the end of Kaleen Bhaiya’s reign of terror. The clash between Munna and Guddu will definitely be one for the ages.

Mirzapur Season 2: Cast

Cast members will perhaps all remain the same. Ali Fazal will play the character of Guddu. Pankaj Tripathi will reprise his role as Kaleen Bhaiya. Dibyendu Sharma will take the character of Munna Bhaiya and bring to life like only he can do. Shweta Tripathi and Rasika Dugal will be playing the supporting roles. They will reprise their characters of Golu Gupta and Beena Tripathi respectively.

Mirzapur Season 2: Release Date

Although it was initially slated for an early release, the second season will release on 25th December, 2020. Due to the current circumstances the dates had to be rescheduled. However the fans aren’t complaining as the delay will definitely be worth the wait.