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Miracle in Cell No. 7: Streaming details, plot, cast and is it based on real story?

The Turkish movie ‘Miracle in cell No. 7’ is a movie released in 2019 which is now available on Netflix. Which is been ranked in the list of top ten most-watched movies in a week.

The film is very new to the American audience. When the world is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic due to self-isolation the Netflix is being heavily streamed every day.

The film of South Korea named the same was released in the year 2013 and got lots of popularity. ‘Miracle in Cell No.7 is a kind of uplifting and beautiful story plot. This Turkish movie of the same title might confuse the viewers with the turn and twist in the movie plot.

Know about the cast, plot and streaming details

The little girl Ova is the main character, her father Memo is a shepherd who is suffering from an unknown cognitive disorder.  After her mother’s death, ova and her father live in a small home with grandmother. Her father wanted to buy Heidi backpack for her that she always wished to have.

However, another girl Seda gets the Heidi backpack. Ova in reaction she claimed up without listing to Ova’s father warning because of ignorance she falls and had a head injury and she dies. The parents of Seda blames Ova’s father for Seda’s death. Her parents are a high ranked officer and they might send Memo to jail. Memo becomes ready to sign the confession. Before this, he went to his daughter Ova. She knew the matter and started to investigate. The memo is sent to jail and life-sentenced. During this, he stabs someone there when he tries to protect his fellow prisoner. He was punished to be hanged but his last wish was to see his daughter for the last time.

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So, mafia makes some arrangements and Ova met her father in prison for the last time. In this term her granddaughter because of cardiac arrest, dies alone at home. The investigation was done to dig out the truth.

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 Is it based on reality?

As per the information the movie’ Miracle in cell NO.7’ is not based on true events, it is fiction based. The South Koren film released in 2013 with the same title and the film was hit and was adopted from Indonesia.