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Miracle in Cell No. 7 Netflix Turkish, Cast, Story and Release Date

Miracle in cell no 7 is a Turkish film and it has been inspired by a South Korean film.Now Miracle in Cell no 7 has become one of the top trending movies on netflix because everyone is streaming netflix to get rid from this lockdown.

About the Release of Miracle in Cell No. 7

The film was released in 2019.It is not based on a true story but a depiction of a South Korean film which was released in 2013 of the same title.

Know About the Plot and the Cast That Made the Film Completed

The film depicts the relationship between a father memo and his daughter ova .Memo had a cognitive disorder .They were living a perfect life .Ova was very young .Everything was good then one day memo was accused of killing the high rank military officer’s daughter ,the accusation was totally wrong,it was just an accident .

Memo was sent to Jail for the crime he had never committed. Ova took a stand for his father and with the help of her great grandmother and school teachers ,she tried to prove that his father is not guilty.

Memo’s condition began to deteriorate in the jail ,he was being tortured by officers and when he was found guilty he was hanged to death.

Miracle in Cell No. 7: What Was the Ending of the Film?

Everyone thought that  memo was no more but one of the prisoners from the jail took his place at the time of hanging ,the name of the prisoner was  Yusuf Aga – he thought that the bond between the father memo and daughter ova should not be broken..

When memo gets out of jail ,he and his daughter reunite and move to another country by sailing through a boat to live a happy and peaceful life.

Fans has claimed that after watching the movie they were not able to control their emotions ,they cried a lot .It was an emotional movie. 

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