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Minneapolis Police Full Video Goes Viral on YouTube After Thee Incident Took Place

Four cops in Minneapolis have reportedly been terminated in the involvement of the death of a black man who’s name is George Floyd. The video of the police officers went viral on the internet which led to protests and outrage by the public. The video shows one of the police officers who was kneeling down on the knee of that man until he was unable to breathe. He was crying and his last words before death were that he couldn’t breathe while he was pinned to the ground.

The video was taken during the incident on the city’s south side by one of those bystanders. The crowd pleads to the officers to move his knee as he was suffocating. The incident happened on Monday evening. The officers received a call about a car forgery and the culprit was found sitting in the car.

FBI is currently looking into the matter and the mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey says that the cops have been suspended from their employment as the technique used by them was completely wrong and pinning the head to the ground is not permitted and is against as per the regulations of the department. He also condemns the harsh step taken by the officers that they committed a big mistake of holding his neck.

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The abusive and horrific behavior of a few policemen took the life of a man and the act is completely inhumane as said by the civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump. He also criticized the horrific death of George Floyd.

Minneapolis law enforcement has also faced criticism in the earlier year (2016, when an officer shot dead a 32-year-old during a traffic stop and the video was streamed on Facebook later on) (2017 when a cop shot a 40-year-old woman after she dialed 911 to report an attack near her house) and it doesn’t hold a very good reputation in the society. And, this horrific death of a black man by a white police officer by kneeling on his neck has made the image even worse.

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