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Millie Bobby Brown Opens up About How Difficult It Was for Her After Being Rejected in Game of Thrones Audition

Milly Bobby Brown is a really young talent of hollywood, her current work was Enola Holmes which was real hit on Netflix, apart from acting she also produced Enola Holmes. She has also done great work in stranger Things, Godzilla king of monsters, modern family etc. She’s been to acting world from the year 2013.

What was the result of rejection from Game of thrones

In the show “the tonight show” Starring Jimmy Fallon milly talked about how she almost quit acting after getting the rejection from Game of thrones. She opened about how industry is full of rejections and she was really dishearted before she captured the role in “Stranger Things”. She really wanted the role in Game of thrones and had high hopes from this role but after rejection she felt that this is really hard to be selected. She added that she was just auditioning for any role to get but Game of throne’ role was important to her.

How stranger Things helped the actor to get back on life.

Molly was about to quit acting after her rejection from Game of thrones but she had this thought of one last audition which was about series ” Stranger Things”, she auditioned for it and almost after 2 months she got the response from them and now rest we all know the history. Molly mentioned that getting this role created the hope back that she lost about acting. She played the role of Eleven and nailed the role completely. She got really appreciated for it, she also received the Primetime Emmy Award for her role in the Stranger things. Stranger Things has completed 4 seasons and going really hit, this was a great motivation for Molly and she made up to work hard in industry and she again showed her abilities in the series Enola Holmes.

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