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Mike Tyson Says the Police Got Mad When Tupac Visited Him in Prison, They Don’t Like Him at All. Also, Tyson Is Forbidden to See Tupac After He’s Released

Some of you might not be sure on who this person, Mike Tyson is, so you don’t worry as I’ll tell you who he is. Mike Tyson was a professional boxer from the year 1985 to 2005. He was married thrice, he had divorced his first and second wife and married his third wife in 2008.

He was put in prison for rapping a women in Indiana. He had been sentenced for six years along with four years of prohibition but was released after staying three years in prison. He had raped an 18 year old women name Desiree Washington.

The victim, Desiree Washington had accused Tyson of rapping her in Indianapolis hotel during the night but Mike had denied the accusations and said that the sex was consensual.  The doctors confirmed that she was in fact raped and Mike Tyson was lying of it being consensual. Desiree Washington was in a state of shock after the incident had accrued.

Mike Tyson has always said that he had enjoyed his time in Prison and which many people found it weird some understood why he would say that because of his stories he said about his time in prison. Recently, Mike spoke about how the police over there (in prison) did not like rapper Tupac visiting Mike Tyson. He also said that after he was released, he was not allowed to meet Tupac.

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Tyson said that whenever Tupac used to come and visit him in prison, the prisoners inside used to get really hyper and that did not please the police over there. They were always unhappy when he visited where as Tyson was happy to see someone close to him come and visit him whenever he could. After being released Tyson was on Prohibition because of which he couldn’t meet many people and that’s sad but he had to deal with it for four years.