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Microsoft Sees the Need for Cloud Services and Software, While We Work and Play From Home, Admire Xbox Live by 775%

During the current coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft sees a massive rise in demand for its cloud services. “In regions which have required social distancing or shelter orders, we have seen the 775% rise of our cloud services,” explains a post in the Microsoft Azure blog. This surge in demand involves more than three times the use of the Windows Virtual Desktop and record numbers through Microsoft, Xbox Game Transfer, Xbox Live, and Mixer teams.

Microsoft has started to change its cloud services. “We make minor changes to streamline moderation and ensure our group has the best experience,” says a support note from Xbox. The current Xbox gamerpics will work correctly, but Microsoft wants to lighten a load of its modder team to search for new uploads as the Xbox Live traffic rises overall. “Also we have removed the abilities which are used to upload custom gamerpics, club photos, & club backgrounds.”

Sony also took a similar approach by slowing down PlayStation game updates to help maintain overall online spectrums, according to Microsoft, “to deliver reduced bandwidth operations like game update during off-peak hours.”

Microsoft last week announced that it would prioritize first-aid cloud connectivity and retain Microsoft Teams. In just a week earlier this month, user teams grew by 12 million, resulting in some initial outages from the Microsoft teams.

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Microsoft has adjusted some aspects of teams temporarily to improve organizational efficiency and reliability. “We have also made some of the temporary change for users to choose non-important features.” “This includes how much we search for the user participation, how long the other party forms, and video resolution that are displayed.”

As a result caused by the unpredictable problems, the organization now has a tremendous amount of funding, and “waiting times can be longer than normal.”

Sony recently reported in the related article that the continuing coronavirus pandemic still has a significant impact on the PS5 project, which is yet scheduled for this holiday.

Although no known problems have been found so far, Sony confirms, the COVID-19 effect has already affected both Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake in launch plans.