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Michael Jordan Donation: Giving 100$M in Support to Racism Equality

Basketball star Michael Jordan and the Jordan Brand have together pledged to donate a whopping $100 million to the organizations fighting against racial injustice over a span of 10 years.

The announcement was followed by the protest that arose after the death of a black man George Floyd. He was brutally killed by a white police Derek Chauvin officer who kneeled over his neck in the city of Minneapolis on 25 May. the police have been charged with second-degree murder and all the police officers including him has been expelled from their jobs. The news took a big troll and spread in the whole world like a fire. Many public including celebrities have been protesting and raising their voice against injustice and are seeking justice for George Floyd who lost his life.

Many celebrities have already come forward and donated money for the cause, some for the protestors while some for the organizations fighting for equality. Now, we see this famous NBA player and the owner of the Charlotte Hornets donating this huge amount, and fans are really appreciating this gesture of his. He has also given a statement regarding the killing of black people at the hands of police and the brutality they have faced over the years now.

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The announcement of donation was being made on Friday and in addition to it they also pledged to serve for the organizations that assist with social justice and helps in providing access to education. Jordan brand is a subsidiary of Nike who has also pledged to donate over $ 40 million to black communities over 4 years. Nike has also spread awareness regarding racism and social injustice and also released a video telling their viewers that ‘not to pretend there’s no problem in America’.

The basketball fame is amongst all those generous and aware celebrities who have been kind enough to fight for the black community and considerate enough to open up their wallets and donate as much as they could for the future improvement and providing justice to black people.

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