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Michael Jackson Son Real Name Finally Revealed

Michae Jackson…..!!

Michael Jackson was a famous american singer ,songwriter and dancer. 

He was so popular during the 20th century .He got blessed with three children namely prince ,Paris and blanket.The youngest child got so much popular among the audience.

What’s the Revelation?

But the topic of discussion was that the blankets nickname has always left the fans in a confusing state.His brother blanket Jackson was born as prince Jackson in 2002.Prince was born as michael junior while blanket was born as prince Jackson so it became so much confusing for the audience to identify which child is which.

Michael Jackson’s son whose name was Prince .Prince revealed his true name .He is only 22 years old ,he has been seen in the  discussions about his late father’s legacy.He cleared this to the audience that his actual name is michael.

Michael Jackson died in 2009.Prince life was very much affected by Michael ,inshort he had a huge impact on his life .He wants to follow the path shown by his father during grown up .And even he told that he really wanted to continue his charity work .He is a very kind hearted man and wants to help people who don’t have the enough opportunities to get education .As we all know that children are the future of country but he really believe in that statement.He wants to carry his father’s legacy by contributing in good work .

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 Prince has been introduced as “Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Junior”by Eamonn

He even said that he feels proud to share his father’s name .He doesn’t feel any burden by sharing his father’s name but he feels very delighted for having his father’s name .He is extremely grateful for each and every moment he had spent with his father .

But don’t have even a pinch of idea about music and dance .

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