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Melania Trump refuses to vouch of husband Trump in elections coming up in November!

First ladies have always supported their respective husbands in politics but it seems that Melania Trump is not going to be one of them. She is getting criticized for not standing in support of Trump.

If Donald Trump wants to be elected again in November, he needs the support of women. Political Flare have announced that POTUS doesn’t have women’s support. Majority of female voter are preferring not to vote for him as he have always been rude and a bully towards women.

According to Political Flare, now it’s first lady’s duty to step in. It is her responsibility to stand for her husband to convince the public that they won’t regret re-electing Trump. It seems fair expectation as well as she is a woman herself. To the shock of public, FLOTUS has denied to vouch for POTUS for some reasons.

After Melania’s denial to vouch for trump, former Governor Karen Pence has taken up the responsibility to encourage the women to consider voting for Donald Trump. it seems the Governor has made up her mind to make women write Trump’s name in their ballots at year end.

In the press conference regarding this , she explained her reasons to join the team Trump. She said that she just wants to her part and doing this is very exciting for her.

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The question remains – Why doesn’t Melania want to stand for her husband if he is as great as The Governor claims him to be?

This question was asked to Pence by a Political Flare Journalist Jason Miciak who expects her to provide one good reason for her claims before the elections.

FLOTUS – A initiative launched by the first lady years ago which focuses on cyberbullying partially. Melania has been criticized for FLOTUS for trying to raise voice against the issue of bullying and denying to raise voice against her husband. Trump has always been recognized as the biggest bullies in the world.

it is possible that this is the reason of Melania not wanting to vouch for POTUS. Few also claims that her impending divorce with Trump is the reason behind her decision of refusing to help Trump getting re-elected.