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Megan Thee, in Her SNL Performance, Shows Her Disappointment on Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Regarding Breonna Taylor

Megan Jovon Ruth Pete otherwise known as Megan Thee Stallion is quite famous for her song Savage and WAP with Cardi B. The 25 year old is a rapper, singer and songwriter. Stallion was born on 15th February, 1995, in Boxar County, Texas, U.S.  She has won awards like BET Awards, BET Hip Hop Awards, Billboard Women in Music Awards, MTV Video Music Award and Libera Award. Some of her famous songs are Savage, WAP, Hot Girl Summer, Captain Hook, Girls in the hood, Freaky Nasty, All Dat, Ride or Die, Hot Girl, Stalli Freestyle, Neva, Crying in the car, Money Good and many more.

Megan Thee Stallion disappointed with Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron

When Megan Thee Stallion came on the Saturday Night Live otherwise known as SNL showed her disappointment on Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron over the Breconna Taylor case. Many of us know how the black people are treated in US and it’s very heart breaking to see innocent people die. In this year itself there have been so many cases of black people who have lost their lives. Some of them got justice and some where just forgotten. Black lives matter, All lives matter.

The case of Breonna Taylor is no different. In March she was shot by a white police officer in her own apartment. This angered the public and everyone started protesting for justice. The officers who shot the innocent women were pleaded not guilty and no charges were put on them. This was totally injustice to everyone and especially Breonna Taylor as she did nothing wrong and still lost her life. Her family and loved ones lost her and this was injustice to them. On this case Megan Thee Stallion made a statement during her performance in SNL. While performing her song she stopped in the middle and showed pictures and videos and said that Black Lives Matter. Many celebrities are with her and most of them stand with it.

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