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Megan Fox Has Also Given the Audience for Transformers

Megan Fox has been a headliner since her first appearance on the big screen. With her immaculate physique and stunning looks, she sizzled every TV set she stepped on. She rose through the ranks and became one of the most popular celebrity faces on the planet, along with that becoming a sex symbol for a generation of moviegoers. Her style and elegance on screen still remain unmatched. However, the chances she received at the beginning of her career propelled her to superstardom.

Megan Fox: Early Beginning

Megan started out early as a ripe teenager. This fair-faced beauty with a tongue and cheek style of acting became the darling of the television since a very young age. Her appearance in Two and a Half Men and Teenage Drama Queen earned her a lot of recognition. Performances that she carved out in each of those shows further solidified her claims as to the next big thing in Hollywood. Apart from being this lovely girl next door, her candid interviews with media personnel also garnered the same amount of attraction. It was thus clear from the very beginning that Megan wanted to mark her territory on the annuls of Hollywood. Slowly a huge fan base of hers was built who regarded her as the most beautiful woman on the planet.

Megan Fox: Appearing on Transformers

Appearing on Transformers changed her life completely upside down. It was the first movie which showed the combat robots in action in an intergalactic world. In these movies, she starred opposite Shia Lebouf in the role of the female lead. Her character was skilled and adept at stealing cars and learned this from her incarcerated father. Although her association with the Transformers franchise lasted for just two movies. She was able to make a very good impression of what the future had in store for her. Then she appeared in a movie called Jennifer’s Body. This teenage drama is a horror movie where Megan’s character gets possessed. After that, she kills all the boys in the college as a measure of revenge who had abused her physically and emotionally. Although the movie initially received mixed to negative reviews, it was later credited for showing the emotional side of a woman going through such circumstances. It was an important depiction where Fox’s performance was applauded and rewarded with aplomb.

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Megan Fox: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Megan’s final claim to fame lay in her appearance in the blockbuster hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Her character was commercially acclaimed as the movie raked it dollars in fair quantity at the box office. Since then Megan Fox has become a global superstar with a variety of brand endorsements.