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Megalo Box 2 Ready to Hit the Screen and Here Is the Arrival, Cast and Plot

Megalo is a well rated action animated series produced by TMS entertainment this show was written by Chikara Sakuma and interestingly the show was created to celebrate 50 years of a famous manga series called Ashita no Joe.

The story revolves around a futuristic setting where people leaves in a wealthy city while on the other side of the city there is a slum and their unlicensed people live. Megalo boxing is lethal boxing where contestants wear metal frames which makes boxing more lethal. So far this series has aired one season and now they are planning for another season.

Megalo Box 2 : Release Date

2019 in New York city TMS entertainment announced that they are going for season two and the production has begun and as per the report it is believe that second season will be set seven years after the event of first season. The director of the series himself said that “I understand that there’s a lot of love regarding MEGALOBOX and I’m very happy about it.

I’m also very happy to say that MEGALOBOX 2 is in development and we definitely wouldn’t want to disappoint the fans. I’m very much looking forward to it.” Though there is no official information available so far however fans can expect this show to hit the screen by October 2020.

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Megalo Box 2 : Plot

In season two, Youko will play with his fate she went to such an extent that she organizes Joe’s fight. Despite seeing Joes worsen medical condition she still goes on encouraging Joe and continuously asks him to fight Mendoza.

Apart from that season two can expect to see continuous rise of Junk Canine but however there is a possibility that fans might see an autumn site of Junk Canine. Anime fans can expect a lot from the upcoming season.

Megalo Box 2 : Cast and Update

So far there is no official information available about the cast, however few previous season characters can be expected in the upcoming season.

There is no official trailer available on internet, however there is a teaser available on internet fans can go and check that out.