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McConnell Confirms That the Senate Would Vote on the Corona Virus Economic Aid Bill While on the Other Hand Pelosi Says There Will Be No Bill Before Elections

The corona virus aid bill is a bill which will help the American citizens. Few months back  the Senate had passed a bill. The bill was roughly $2 trillion. The McConnell had vowed to help to get it done. We all know that the virus has destroyed many people around the globe. Many people have lost their family members because of this virus. The virus was spreading rapidly in America. Recently, the American President and the First Lady were tested positive and were admitted in the hospital. Many people from the government were affected.

The groups that will be impacted because of this bill are as follows; Individuals, small business, big corporation, hospitality and public healthfederal safety net, state and local governments and education. This bill will help the economy which in one way will help these groups. Not only America but other countries as well have got a low economy at the moment. Everything was closed for so long so eventually the economy was affected.

President Trump tweeted “Go big or go home!!!”. Pelosi later said that Donald Trump meant that there will be no aid before the elections where as McConnell confirms that the Senate would vote on the corona virus economic aid bill. This bill is supposed to help all the citizens of America whether they are employed or not.

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This bill will be really helpful for the American citizens as the country needs it now. It’s going to help the schools, universities, hospitals and the hospitals. The American citizens are happy that a bill like this might pass. Some of them are not happy with the fact that they would have to wait until the next year February as the country and people are in need of this bill at the moment. The discussion is still going on for this.