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MC Mafia Season 2: Cast, Plot, Everything We Know so Far and Do We Have a Release Date ?

This hit Crime drama has been a rage just after its release on the BBC and the American News Network. Young people who watched this show could instantly relate with the business world of today and the corruption prevalent in it.

Show’s success led the directors to release another season of the show which would air anytime soon. Fans are excited upon hearing this announcement.

MC Mafia Season 2 Storyline

Story borders around the life of Alex Godman. A confident, arrogant charmer, he leads his life as a premier investment banker. In the previous season we saw Alex, brokering a deal with the cartels in European Union.

His plan to flood the markets with supply of Heroin worked and he became a powerful influencer. Season 2 might pick up from where the last season ended. It might note Alex’s rise through the annuls of hierarchy to the status of a superpower presence in Europe. His ambition to shine as the brightest star in the criminal world may also invite ire from the powers who would be.

But Alex is confident enough about his position and his dream to conquer the world.
Season 2 might also explore the themes mentioned by the writers if the story like corruption in hierarchy and the game of power prevalent in these levels. Crimes and Murders are also an essential theme of the story.

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MC Mafia Season 2 Cast Details

James Norton will play the character of Alex Godman, an intelligent businessman who rises to become a superpower in Europe. Juliet Rylance will play the role of his girlfriend and partner in crime, Rebecca Harper.

The roles of Alex’s family members will be reprised by the actors who had already played them in the previous seasons.

Additionof new characters to the series would be entirely dependent on the storyline which the series assumes. Till date, no reported news of additional characters has still been finalized. Fans are waiting to pounce upon any news.

MC Mafia Season 2 Release Date

No exact release date has still been decided by the producers. However since the shooting and production activities are almost complete, it is expected to release somewhere in 2020.

Exact date could only be known after the release of the trailer for which the fans are extremely excited. Hope the show would love upto the hype and the billing created by its pre release activities.