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Matt Damon Daughter Alexia Is Having Coronavirus Confirm by Father

PARIS, FRANCE - OCTOBER 06: Matt Damon attends the "Le Mans 66" Premiere At Cinema Gaumont Champs Elysees on October 06, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images)

Alexia, Matt Damon’s daughter had coronavirus. However, she has finally survived it and she is feeling better now. Matt Damon is a very popular movie star and also, a good father.

Where is Matt Damon right now?

When the quarantine began, Matt took his family to Dublin, Ireland. The actor took his wife and their children namely, Isabella, Stella and Gia. However, Matt stated that his oldest daughter, Alexia had coronavirus. She and her roommates had the virus.

How is Matt’s daughter now?

Matt Damon was talking with Nathan O’Reilly and Graham on ‘Fully Charged’. You can listen to it on Ireland’s Spin 103.8. He talked about his daughter and said that is had contracted the coronavirus when it started spreading. She is currently in New York City. However, he did say that she and her friends are doing better now and have survived the virus.

Its not just Matt’s daughter

Matt Damon revealed that he is very worried that someone in his family can contract the virus. More specifically, he fears that it could be his own mother or his mother-in-law. Older people are more vulnerable to the virus than others.

He and his family have now realized how important isolation is. That is why they are doing everything they can to stay away from others and taking care of the cleanliness. He is still worried about his parents.

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Matt and his family are certainly having the time of their lives in Ireland. He says that it is the most gorgeous place he has ever visited. Also, he said that it feels like they are in a fairytale. His children and wife are also enjoying their quarantine.

When the quarantine began and the spread of the virus had increased, Matt was actually in Ireland. He was there because he was shooting his upcoming new film called ‘Good Will Hunting’. After the quarantine started, the production for the movie had to be stopped because of the virus.

After that, Matt and his family stayed there and are currently living there. They hope to live there until the quarantine is over and the coronavirus situation is solved.

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