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Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 Release Date Confirmed? All You Need to Know

Everyone is well aware about the situation of the global crisis .This global crisis has affected majorly in each industries. Theatre are also closed nowadays .People are craving to watch the movies in theaters ,they are getting frustrated due to this lockdown.

What Is the Reason Behind Shifting in Release Dates of Shows and Movies?

We have seen shifts in release dates of many movies and series from the last two months .There are some temporary suspensions in productions of some movies.

Everything We Know About John Wick 4

John wick 4 which has a original release date on May 21,2021 but now the release of John wick 4 has been shifted to 27 may,2022….according to some sources spiral ,a horror movie is now going to release on the actual release date of John wick 4 .It’s sad news for the fans as they are not going to see John wick 4 this year.This series is about the main character John wick ,he is in search for the men who entered his home and killed the last gift given to him by his dead wife (his puppy).

What Is Matrix 4 Release Date?

Matrix 4 is an american series .Director of the series is Lana Wachowski,and matrix 4 ,starring Keanu Reeves is about to release on 21 may ,2021.The reason for the shift of release date is not clear till now.We don’t have any trailer for the movies .Trailer can come anytime at the end of 2020.

Production for the movies has been stopped due to coronavirus crisis.Theatres are closed but people are streaming more online due to lockdown .Even many are going to release the movies directly digitally rather than releasing it in theatres.But watching movies at theatres  can’t be compared with movies at home.But we have no option rather than watching movies and series online.

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