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Masters Of The Universe: Revelation’s Voice Cast

Netflix is coming up with a series based on the characters of Masters Of the Universe. Masters of the Universe: Revelation is an anime series set in He-Man universe . The series is created by Kevin Smith.
Powerhouse Animation Studio will be producing the series.

Fantastic five of writers will be working on this series and they are – Kevin Smith, Marc Bernardin, Eric carrasco , Tim Sheridan and Diya Mishra.

Release date of Masters Of The Universe : Revelation

The show might come ito Netflix sometime in 2020. There is no official confirmation yet.

Voice cast of the show

The tweet by NX has revealed the voice cast of the Masters of universe : Revelation on 15th February. The cast seems insanely good !

Mark Hamill will voice Skeletor.
Lena Headey will give voice to Evil-Lyn.
He-Man will be voiced by Chris wood. Sarah Michelle Gellar will voice Teela. Liam Cunningham to voice the Man-at-arms. Stephen Root as Cringer, Griffin Newman as orko and Tiffany Smith as Andra. King randor will be voiced by Diedrich Bader.

Master of the universe : Revelation will be following the story that is left off long ago. May be Decades!!

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