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Mass Effect 5 : What Is the Release Information of the Game?

Electronic Arts has for a decade  the best gaming manufacturers. They have delivered some immensely popular games with modern graphic mechanics. Mass Effect was one of their products which was high on promise but delivered very little. The last edition of the game Mass Effect: Andromeda was a huge failure and failed to attract the gamers.

However legion of fans in EA would be expecting more since the news of a fifth edition is on the cards. There are certain improvements that the gaming giant can make in the department of making this game a hit. Some of them are just mentioned below as a form of random detailing.

Improved Storyline

Background Story for the last game was horrendous. Space monsters attacking the earth and defenders trying to eliminate them- became an old wine in a new bottle. Gamers would be looking to find a more concrete storyline with developed characters. This alien vs combatant theory is just not working at the moment.

When the first game of this franchise released, it was widely acclaimed for its innovative first person shooter format and collective gameplay. However down the years it has dwindled down other concepts with not much success regarding the same. It would perhaps be more feasible if the developers would focus on something resembling the core concept of the game.

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Modern Mechanics

Game Graphics is one of the most primary factors in deciding whether the game would actually work. In the last edition pixel density of the game was too high with severe lag being noticed on continuous gameplay. Developers would definitely like to fix those patches and come out with a much better graphic display mechanism. Competitors of this game like Crisis and Halo have been much ahead in this regard. If the franchise wants to become sustainable there is no other option but to improve its graphic abilities.

Choice of Climax

A variety of gamers have complained that game often drifts off towards the end of the storyline. This divergence from the main objective hurts the gameplay’s popularity. It should rather focus on maintaining a concrete and more comprehensive climax. There should not be absence of suspense so that the gamers are hooked to it even towards the end.

Release Date of the game

Up until now there is no updates about when the game will release. It might take a year or more to launch the game on the appropriate gaming consoles. Till then oy hope for the best that it does not turn out to be a failure like the last installment.